JSOL CAE Forum 2019

JSOL CAE Forum 2019

JSOL Corporation is holding the “JSOL CAE Forum” to provide our users with the latest and most comprehensive simulation technologies and case studies for various JSOL CAE packages including LS-DYNA.

Until last year, we had held user's events individually for each package, like LS-DYNA & JSTAMP Forum, J-OCTA Users Conference, and Moldex3D technology exchange. In 2019, we decided to hold a comprehensive and unified event called “JSOL CAE Forum” at Shinagawa, Tokyo, from November 6 through 8. During the three-day event we will showcase a wide range of information to our structural, manufacturing, and material CAE package users all together.

We will start accepting applications in late September. A detailed program will be published on this page around the same time.

We encourage our users to take advantage of this opportunity and look forward to your attendance at the event.

JSOL Corporation
Engineering Technology Division


JSOL CAE Forum 2019
Wed, November 6, 2019  J-OCTA, Moldex3D
Thu, November 7, 2019  LS-DYNA, JSTAMP, Digimat, Simpleware Software, SIESTA
Fri, November 8, 2019  JSTAMP, AFDEX, Virfac, LS-DYNA
JSOL Corporation
Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa  map
1-9-36 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
Conference / Partner exhibition / JSOL poster sessions
Registration Fee:
Users : Free
Non-subscribed users : 50,000.-JPY (exc.tax)

* Submissions from competitors or intended for sales purposes will not be accepted.

Pickup Sessions

Special Speech

LS-DYNA:Special Speech
11/7 Thursday
30 years of car crash simulation at Toyota
Dr. Yasuki, Tsuyoshi
Project general manager
Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, Advanced Vehicle Engineering Development Div.
Toyota Motor Corporation

Keynote Speech & General Session


LS-DYNA:Keynote Speech
11/7 Thursday
Can Academics in Structural Mechanics Survive? ~ Mechanical Viewpoint and Creativity ~
Dr. Aoki, Takahira
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering
University of Tokyo
LS-DYNA:General Session
11/7 Thursday
Recent Development in LS-DYNA
Dr. Jason Wang
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
ANSYS Simulation and Strategy
Dr. Larry Williams
Director of Technology
Mechanical, Fluids, and Electronics Business Unit


JSTAMP:Keynote Speech
11/8 Friday
Material modeling methods for high-precision sheet metal forming simulations
Dr. Kuwabara, Toshihiko
Distinguished Professor
Division of Advanced Mechanical Systems Engineering, Institute of Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
11/8 Friday
Key points of plate forging
Prof. Wang Zhigang
Faculty of Engineering
Gifu University


J-OCTA:Keynote Speech
11/6 Wednesday
Computing Material Properties with SIESTA
SIESTA:Keynote Speech
11/7 Thursday
Computing Material Properties with SIESTA, Case Studies and New Features under Development
Prof. Pablo Ordejón
CSIC Research Professor
Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
J-OCTA:Keynote Speech
11/6 Wednesday
All-atom Molecular Dynamics Study of Impact Fracture
Dr. Fujimoto, Kazushi
Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya University
Digimat:Keynote Speech
11/7 Thursday
Molecular Simulation in Composite Matertials
Associate Prof. Koyanagi, Jun
Department of Materials Science and Technology
Tokyo University of Science
SIESTA:Keynote Speech
11/7 Thursday
Materials science research by first-principles electronic structure calculation
Dr. Nara, Jun
Senior researcher, International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA)
National Institute for Materials Science

Convergence Engineering

Simpleware Software
11/7 Thursday
Overseas case studies, and new ways of automating workflows
Dr. Kerim Genc
Synopsys Inc


Users Meeting Secretariat
JSOL Corporation, Engineering Technology Division

E-mail : event@sci.jsol.co.jp

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