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Manufacturing A tool to set up composite material analysis J-Composites / Form Modeler

J-Composites Features

J-Composites Features

Assists in the simulation of a variety of composite material forming processes

Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (FRP) is a key material in the advancement of weight reduction and material strengthening for a variety of industries. The applicable forming technology varies depending on the fiber reinforcement pattern and resin matrix combination. Automation of the forming process leads to shorter cycle time and cost-saving. That is why determining better forming conditions through simulation prior to the actual trial is in high demand.

J-Composites is a set of tools, which works in cooperation with the multi-purpose solver LS-DYNA, to facilitate the complex forming process and process-chain simulation of resin composite materials. It supports the shortening of development time and reducing cost for press forming and resin flow manufacturing processes.

What is J-Composites?

The J-Composites series is a set of software for facilitating process and process-chain simulation of resin composite materials. The motivation behind development is to be able to effectively simulate complex models at the design and development stages. Collaborating with the multi-purpose solver LS-DYNA, J-Composites contributes to shortened development periods and reduced cost by automatically setting up an accurate model which represents material behavior during the forming process.

J-Composites Series

The J-Composites series consists of ”Form Modeler”, a tool to set up press forming analysis, ”Compression Molding”, a tool to set up compression molding analysis, and “Fiber Mapper”, a tool to map a resin flow simulation result on to a structural mesh. More tools for supporting the simulation of various resin composite material forming processes and process-chains are in development.

J-Composites Series

Accurately predict forming defects and determine forming conditions ahead of time

J-Composites / Form Modeler is a tool for creating models for resin composite material forming simulation. It helps reduce the man-hours necessary to design composite materials with features such as auto-conversion of material experiment results into material data for simulation and auto-creation of product model from laminate configuration.
The combination with the multi-purpose nonlinear solver LS-DYNA allows simulating the material behavior during forming accurately. Based on a LS-DYNA simulation result, it is possible to predict forming defects such as wrinkles, which in turn contributes to a shortened development period and reduced cost.

Form Modeler details

Auto-setup of simulation model: Streamline the composite material design processAuto-setup of simulation model: Streamline the composite material design process

JSOL's know-how: Predict and evaluate wrinkles during press formingJSOL's know-how: Predict and evaluate wrinkles during press forming

Accurately predict fiber and resin deformation during compression molding

Discontinuous long-fiber reinforced plastics are receiving increasing attention for their use in compression molding, by which they can be formed into almost any shape without losing strength. JSOL has developed a simulation method for LS-DYNA that accurately predicts compression molding behaviour.

This new method uses beam elements to represent the fibers and EFG solid elements for the matrix resin. The fiber-matrix interaction is simulated using a beam-in-solid coupling method. The simulation is complex and requires both effort and knowledge to set up. Through JSOL’s know-how and experience, the software tool J-Composites / Compression Molding simplifies the process and automatically provides optimized solution parameters for a stable simulation.

Compression Molding details

 coupling simulation method modelBeam-in-solid coupling simulation method model

Compression molding simulation exampleCompression molding simulation example

Improve the accuracy of structural simulation by considering the effects of the fabrication process

The behavior during forming, especially fiber orientation, strongly affects a product's mechanical performance. ”Fiber Mapper” is a mapping tool for carrying the forming simulation result of a discontinuous fiber reinforced plastic forward to predict the effects of the forming process by using LS-DYNA.

Fiber Mapper details

Assists process-chain simulation using LS-DYNAAssists process-chain simulation using LS-DYNA


J-Composites is developed by JSOL Corporation.

Strong support by JSOL

JSOL offers a powerful, wide range of support for the utilization and application of J-Composites. Please contact us for details.

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