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Manufacturing A tool to set up composite material analysis J-Composites / Form Modeler

J-Composites Features

J-Composites Features

Assists in the simulation of a variety of composite material forming processes

Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (FRP) is a key material in the advancement of weight reduction and material strengthening for a variety of industries. The applicable forming technology varies depending on the fiber reinforcement pattern and resin matrix combination. Automation of the forming process leads to shorter cycle time and cost-saving. That is why determining better forming conditions through simulation prior to the actual trial is in high demand.

J-Composites is a set of tools, which works in cooperation with the multi-purpose solver LS-DYNA, to facilitate the complex forming process and process-chain simulation of resin composite materials. It supports the shortening of development time and reducing cost for press forming and resin flow manufacturing processes.

What is J-Composites?

The J-Composites series is a set of software for facilitating process and process-chain simulation of resin composite materials. The motivation behind development is to be able to effectively simulate complex models at the design and development stages. Collaborating with the multi-purpose solver LS-DYNA, J-Composites contributes to shortened development periods and reduced cost by automatically setting up an accurate model which represents material behavior during the forming process.

J-Composites Series

The J-Composites series consists of “Form Modeler”, a tool to set up a press forming analysis model, and “Fiber Mapper”, a tool to map a resin flow simulation result on to a structural mesh. More tools for supporting the simulation of various resin composite material forming processes and process-chains are in development.

J-Composites Series

Accurately predict forming defects and determine forming conditions ahead of time

J-Composites / Form Modeler is a tool for creating models for resin composite material forming simulation. It helps reduce the man-hours necessary to design composite materials with features such as auto-conversion of material experiment results into material data for simulation and auto-creation of product model from laminate configuration.
The combination with the multi-purpose nonlinear solver LS-DYNA allows simulating the material behavior during forming accurately. Based on a LS-DYNA simulation result, it is possible to predict forming defects such as wrinkles, which in turn contributes to a shortened development period and reduced cost.

Form Modeler details

Auto-setup of simulation model: Streamline the composite material design processAuto-setup of simulation model: Streamline the composite material design process

JSOL's know-how: Predict and evaluate wrinkles during press formingJSOL's know-how: Predict and evaluate wrinkles during press forming

Improve the accuracy of structural simulation by considering the effects of the fabrication process

The behavior during forming, especially fiber orientation, strongly affects a product's mechanical performance. “Fiber Mapper” is a mapping tool for carrying the forming simulation result of a discontinuous fiber reinforced plastic forward to predict the effects of the forming process by using LS-DYNA.

Fiber Mapper details

Assists process-chain simulation using LS-DYNAAssists process-chain simulation using LS-DYNA


J-Composites is developed by JSOL Corporation.

Strong support by JSOL

JSOL offers a powerful, wide range of support for the utilization and application of J-Composites. Please contact us for details.

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