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Structure Airbag folding JFOLD

JFOLD Features

JFOLD Features

Towards more accurate airbag deployment simulation

JFOLD was developed to fold airbags for automotive crash simulation. JFOLD can be used to generate a folded airbag model using LS-DYNA simulation, regardless of the complexity of the geometry.

Airbags are one of the important safety devices for protecting the occupant during an accident: airbags are folded compactly and stored in the interior. The deployment behavior of an airbag depends on the pattern through which it is folded. The risk of occupant injury during airbag deployment, the out-of-position problem, considerably affects the occupant’s safety performance.

Recently, the demand for more accurate airbag deployment simulation to improve the occupant’s safety has been increasing. Building a folded airbag model with complicated geometry was an issue for CAE engineers to address.

JFOLD can manage the complicated folding process of an airbag using a flowchart in an easy-to-understand tree view. Users can build, manage, and view the airbag models in various folding patterns. The intuitive and interactive GUI facilitates the operation of defining the position and behavior of the folding tools.

Airbag-folding simulation with LS-DYNA

JFOLD uses LS-DYNA, the proven simulation software in automotive crash simulation, to calculate the folding behavior.

JFOLD uses Oasys Ltd. software PRIMER

JFOLD uses the function of Oasys Ltd. software PRIMER which is a proven LS-DYNA pre-processor. JFOLD can also post-process using Oasys Ltd. software D3PLOT.

Airbag-folding process management with a flowchart (tree view)

JFOLD manages the complicated folding process using a flowchart, in a tree view.

The intuitive and interactive tool setting

The tool mesh can be set and modified: translation, rotation, folding, roll folding, and load arrangement.

Airbag sewing simulation for 3D airbag

JFOLD can perform 3D sewing simulation for building a 3D airbag model.

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