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Structure Airbag folding JFOLD

JFOLD Case studies

Folding examples of a driver's airbag and passenger’s airbag in more detail

Introducing the step-by-step analysis approach used for folding driver's and passenger airbags.

Driver's airbag

Consecutive folding simulations, such as half folding, roll folding, and zigzag folding, are transferred to successive simulations to complete the airbag-folding model.

  • Driver's airbag1
  • Driver's airbag2
  • Driver's airbag3
  • Driver's airbag4
  • Driver's airbag5
  • Driver's airbag6
  • Driver's airbag7
  • Driver's airbag8
  • Driver's airbag9

Passenger's airbag

JFOLD has many techniques to simulate folding the 3D airbag model into a 2D flat condition. The folding can then be simulated as shown for the driver’s airbag example.

  • Passenger's airbag1
  • Passenger's airbag2
  • Passenger's airbag3
  • Passenger's airbag4
  • Passenger's airbag5
  • Passenger's airbag6
  • Passenger's airbag7
  • Passenger's airbag8
  • Passenger's airbag9

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